03.B.1. Building Questions

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Navigation to the Assessment Editor

  1. Navigate to the Assessments homepage and select the Insert Button button in the top left corner.
  2. Enter the assessment’s general information. Mandatory fields are denoted with a red star. Select "Build Questions".
  3. The next prompt will ask how the creator would like to enter the questions for this assessment; by building their own questions or by using the question bank. Please refer to the help guide for more information on the eDoctrina Question Bank.
  4. By selecting "Build my own questions", another pop-up prompting the creator the enter the initial information on how to “Add Questions” (see below). Here, users enter the number of questions on their assessment as well as the most-commonly used question type, the most common number of choices for each question, the default correct answer, as well as the default point value of each question. Click Create Assessment to enter the Assessment Editor
    Add Questions

Entering Questions in the Assessment Editor

Once inside the Assessment Editor, eDoctrina offers various tools to help the assessment creator add their desired questions to the assessment. It is important to know that questions are entered using a WYSIWYG editor giving the creator ultimate flexibility to enter questions how they desire. Each individual will develop their desired methods or habits when entering questions, but it is important to know the tools that are available so no time is wasted. The ONLY view that will allow question entry is the "Questions" view:

NOTE: It often saves time by copying and pasting contents from a document instead of typing directly into eDoctrina.

To enter information into the question body, hover the cursor over the blank space below the word "Question" and click in the highlighted area once the "click to edit" prompt appears. This will open the WYSIWYG editor for the selected question and allow the creator to enter their desired question text:

Type your question directly in question area.

The process is nearly the same for entering the answer choices for Multiple Choice questions. Click the area next to each answer choice:

After question/answer information has been added/edited, a few new buttons appear for each question:
Question Tools
NOTE: Hover the mouse cursor over them for a quick reminder of what each one does.

  • Print Button: The print button displays how the question appears in the two or one column printing options. This is a great tool to use to ensure a question is formatted properly before printing a hard copy of the assessment.
  • Print Settings Button: The Manage Print Settings button allows the creator to set number of lines, the line height, and whether or not to show lines on the printed assessment. These options apply to teacher-scored questions and will not affect any other question type.
  • The Edit Metadata button allows the creator to include more descriptive information within the question, such as Bloom's Taxonomy, Webb's Depth of Knowledge, Difficulty levels, informational tags, error codes, and much more. Although this extra information is not required, it often enhances the assessment database significantly.
  • Online Tools Button: The Online Tools button should be used if offering online assessments. For more information on the tools available, please the Online Assessment Features help guide.
  • Parse Button: The Parse button automatically distributes answers from question box and is a great tool to use if multiple choice questions are being copied and pasted from another source. For more information on how to use the tool properly, please visit the Parse for Answers Tool help guide.
  • Record Button: The record button records an audio file that is attached to the question for students to access while taking this assessment online. For more information on recording audio files, please visit the Online Assessment Features help guide.
  • The upload to question button allows the creator to include an attachment to the specified question. Students will be able to access the uploaded file when taking the assessment online.
  • The move question button will be available to the creator of the assessment. It will not be available if the user does not have editing permissions to this assessment. If questions need to be moved within the assessment and the button is unavailable, consider Copying the Assessment
  • :The hint button allows the user to link a hint to the question that can be seen by the student when taking the assessment online.
  • Edit Question Button: The edit question button with navigate the user to the Question Editor for the specific question.
  • Special Instructions Button: The special instructions button opens a WYSIWYG Text Box to enter Special Instructions for this question. Text in this box will appear printed above the question on the printed test.
  • Scoring Guide Button:The scoring guide button opens a WYSIWYG Text Box to enter a Scoring Guide or Teacher Instructions for this question. Text in this box will appear printed on the "Assessment Map" should you choose to print it.
  • The delete button will remove the question from the assessment.