03.D.2a. Online Assessment Settings (Per Question)

Online Tools

There are several tools that can be added to an online assessment for the student to use when answering questions: calculator, protractor, ruler, and sketch pad. Most of these can be accessed by clicking on the 'Online Tools' button on an assessment question.

If the question type is multiple choice, true/false, or fill in the blank; the option to include the calculator, graphing calculator, protractor, ruler and a work area is available.

If the question type is Teacher Scored, there will be more options available. With these options, the teacher will still need to review the student responses. For more information, please visit our help guide on Grading Online Assessments.

    These options are:

  • Text editor: The Text editor option will provide students with the WYSIWYG text editor that is common throughout eDoctrina. This will allow students to enter basically any text or images in the same manner as they would with any other word processor. If this option is selected, it is possible to restrict student responses to a maximum number of characters.

  • Equation Editors: eDoctrina has released three equation editors to be linked to questions that directly mock the equation editors seen on the NYS CBTs. The three editors are "Gr. 3-4", "Gr. 5-6", and "Gr. 7-8". Each editor contains the necessary mathematical tools students of the corresponding grade level would see on the NYS CBTs.
    For more information on these tools, click HERE for the Equation Editor Functionality sheet

  • Sketchpad: The Sketchpad is eDoctrina's tool that allows students to draw on a previously uploaded image. All that needs to be done upon selecting the Sketchpad option is upload the image that will be displayed in the background. Once the image has been uploaded, it can be re-sized and manipulated to fit in the space.

    NOTE: Images can be deleted and new images can be uploaded, but eDoctrina will ONLY allow one image to go in the background. This image should not be modified if there are any student responses recorded.

    Users also have the ability to upload multiple sketchpads with different images to the same question. To achieve this result, first click on the question box to have the WYSIWYG editor appear:

    Next, select the option for Sketchpad from the dropdown menu (you are able to move the image and re-size):

    Here is an example of how this question looks to the student:

    If no image is uploaded into the background of the tool, The Sketchpad Tool will provide a blank space for students to draw in (see the image below).

  • Upload to question: The Upload to Question option allows students to upload any file to eDoctrina from within the online assessment. If this option is selected, students will see a Upload Button button. If they click this button, they can upload any file(s) from their computer. More than one file can be uploaded here and can be accessed by the teacher when they decide to score this assessment.

    To activate this option, the question first needs to be marked as a Teacher Scored question. Next, you will select the Online Tools button on the question header -> click on the Answer Tool dropdown menu -> and choose Upload to Question:
    Upload to Question Tools

    Upload to Question Tools
    Additonally, a checkbox labeled "Enable Camera Tool" can be selected which will allow students to use the Camera Button button. This button allows the student to take an image using their default camera device and attach it to the question:

    Upload to Question Tools

    NOTE: For more information on how to retrieve student responses, please visit the help guide on Grading Online Assessments.

  • Audio Recorder: The audio recorder option gives students the ability to record their response.
    Note: For more information on the functionality of this feature, please click HERE to see the help video

  • None - for scoring only: This option exists if a question needs to be scored for grading purposes, but does not require a response from the student through eDoctrina. Students will see the question, but will not be able to enter any response.

Recording Audio

Adding audio to questions in an online assessment can often increase the value of an assessment.

To record audio within an assessment, simply find the desired question to link audio to and locate the Microphone Button button in the question tools:

A pop-up window will appear prompting the user to start recording. The question is shown to read from when recording.

When users start recording, they will see an image indicating a recording is in progress. When the user is finished recording audio, simply wait 2-3 seconds in silence and click "Stop recording" to end the audio clip.

After recording, the user can preview their audio choosing to either save, or discard their work and record again. Once the user is satisfied with their audio recording, click "Save" to save this audio to the question.

Please note some audio recording tips:

  1. Always ensure that the recording area is as quiet as possible.
  2. Allow approximately 2-3 seconds before talking into your microphone.
  3. Speak slowly and clearly.
  4. Allow approximately 2-3 seconds after the recording before clicking on the "Stop & Save" button.

After clicking on the "Save" button, the audio note will automatically be saved in the question shell. Once it appears, it is a good practice to playback the audio recording at least once to ensure quality.


eDoctrina is proud to have updated the Text-To-Speech feature. This tool no longer needs to be customized per question. Checking a single box when creating an assessment enables the Text-To-Speech feature and automatically applies this option for all questions on the given assessment.

To learn more about the Text-To-Speech feature, follow the link below.

Text-To-Speech Highlighting Tool

Including Attachments

Some questions offered online can be enhanced by including supplementary information. It is possible to include an attached file with every question, if necessary. There is no current restriction on the file types that can be uploaded allowing for ultimate flexibility in how questions are offered and the content that can be viewed.

To upload an attachment to a question, simply click on the Upload button in the question tools.
After the file has been uploaded, all students who have been assigned the online assessment will be able to access the included attachment(s) for each question.

  • Adding a Hint: The user can add a hint to any Teacher Scored question, which can then be seen by the student as long as the assessment is being taken online.



    To enable the hint, the user will need to check the box in the 'Online Settings' section of the assessment editor: