03.D.10 Text-To-Speech Highlighting Tool

eDoctrina now allows the option to have an entire test read to students while highlighting each word WITHOUT having to link audio to every question and passage! This new tool can be used with an entire class, or assigned to specific students!

VIDEO: To see a short video on how to enable this feature within the assessment editor, please click HERE

  • This tool will read text that has been typed or entered using copy/paste.
  • Images pasted into the program cannot be read.
  • Text-to-Speech can read questions built through our equation editors.
  • If you would like to personalize audio for having questions read aloud to your students, you can add a recording of your own voice through our Record Audio tool. (This tool is detailed at the end of this Help Document.)

To enable the Text-to-Speech highlighting tool, you must first venture to the "Online Settings" section of the assessment editor. Under the "Student Tools" menu, you will see the option to "Allow Text-To-Speech".

Please note that enabling this option within the assessment editor will automatically turn on the Text-To-Speech highlight tool for ALL students that are assigned the assessment with this feature. Also, this will feature will not read images.

You can even select a certain type of voice reader using the filter to the right of this option!

Student View

When students login to take an assessment with the Text-To-Speech Highlighter enabled, each question will have a small audio icon available ( TTS_4.jpg). When this icon is clicked on, the feature will enable and begin to read.

Once the feature starts to read, the text will highlight word-by-word as it is read aloud. Additional icons will appear allowing the student to pause the feature, or start reading from the beginning.

If a passage is linked to an assessment, the feature's audio icon will be available for both the passage and for the question, allowing students to control which section of the assessment they would like read first.

In the event that a student would like to choose where they would like the TTS engine to begin reading in a passage, question, or answer choice, they can simply right click where they would like to begin and select Play from here.

The tool will begin reading wherever the user selected to begin as opposed to starting at the beginning. In the even that they want the entire passage, question, or answer choice selected, they can also right click and select Play Passage.

Formatting Text-To-Speech for Questions Made in Equation Editor

If for any reason you would like to change the words being read aloud for your equation, follow these steps:

o Right click on the equation.
o Select “Image Properties.”

o Edit the words in the “Alternative Text” box to reflect EXACTLY what you want read aloud by the Text-to-Speech tool when your equation is read to students.
o Click “OK.”

Assigning TTS Highlighter to Specific Students

VIDEO: To see a short video on how to assign this feature to specific student, please click HERE

If the TTS Highlighter is not something you would like assigned to all students, but rather to a select group of students with testing modifications, this feature can be enabled for those kiddos while assigning the assessment.

NOTE: Please make sure if assigning to specific students and NOT the whole class, the "Allow Text-to-Speech" option is NOT checked in the assessment editor

From the Dashboard, assign the assessment as you would normally assign any test to your students (to learn more about assigning online, please click here

Once the Start and End time have been selected and the additional modification options are enabled, the 4th column will represent the TTS feature.

For students that need this feature turned ON, the user can simply click the blue "N" next to their name and it will turn to a red "Y", indicating that the feature will be turned on for that student in the assigned assessment. Any students that needs this modification will need to have it manually turned on by making the blue "N" a red "Y" in that TTS column.