03.A. How to Create an Assessment Answer Key

There are two main options when creating an assessment in eDoctrina. Users can build it from scratch -- that is, writing questions or selecting them from an existing question bank -- or they can create an answer key, matching up question types and choosing the correct responses. This would occur if an educator has an existing assessment they would like to continue to use. In this case, all that is necessary is an answer key.

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To create an Answer Key, begin by navigating to the Assessments Homepage.

Click the Insert Button button in the top left of the Assessments screen to create a new assessment.

Insert Button in top left
NOTE: If this is the first time visiting this feature in eDoctrina, a pop-up blocker may be preventing the next screens from appearing on the screen. If this occurs, check the address bar on the browser and modify the settings to allow pop-ups for eDoctrina.

A pop-up will appear prompting to enter some required information about the assessment being created. Fill in the general information (indicated with red asterisk) and select "Answer Key Only".

The next step allows the creator to define how eDoctrina will “Add Questions” to this assessment.

It is best practice to enter the number of questions on their assessment, select the most-commonly used question type, the most common number of choices for each question (if applicable), the default correct answer (if applicable), and the default point value of each question. Once the desired information is entered, click “Create Assessment” to enter the Assessment Editor.

The next step is verify and/or modify the options that have been selected for each question. If using Multiple Choice or True/False question types, the correct answer and number of available choices will have to be selected if they differ from what was initially created. If questions are valued differently throughout the assessment, this will need to be modifed as well.

Additional questions may be added by clicking "Add Question" in either of these locations:

Note that the option to change the question type, scoring type, number of choices and point values exists here also, as well as special scoring options.

Questions can be re-ordered by clicking and dragging the question boxes to the desired location. Questions can also be removed from the assessment by selecting the Trash located in the top-right of each question.

Linking Learning Standards

Each question can be linked to one or more learning standards. To link standards to questions, utilize the filters to identify the standards to be added each question and simply drag and drop them to the bottom portion of the respective question box. For more information about how to add standards to eDoctrina, please see our help guide on How to Add Standards.

Attaching Standards

If you are linking one particular standard to multiple Assessment Questions, double click on the standard and you are able to select the question numbers it should be linked to.

Standards en masse
Note: If the assessment is linked to a unit plan, only standards from the unit will be available to link to questions.

The "Additional Settings" section contains online assessment, privacy, SLO related and report card settings (where applicable). The "Special Instructions and Notes" section would not be used for an Answer Key only test. Please see the help guide How to Select a Grade Conversion Table for directions in using the tools available in this section.

It is possible to upload any attachments or hyperlinks to this assessment to keep all related information in one location.