04.C.2. Web-Camera Answer Sheet Scanning

eDoctrina offers many options for teachers and administrators to gather assessment data. Web-camera Answer Sheets are the best and most comprehensive option if a traditional scanner is unavailable while providing ultimate flexibility for our users to process assessment data immediately from within their classroom or wherever they may be.

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Web-Answer Sheets can be processed using the built-in camera on any computer, compatible document cameras, and our eDoctrina Scanning Application. For these tools to work, it is important to note that the only type of Answer Sheet that is supported is the WEB answer sheets that can be printed from the Teacher Dashboard. For more information about how to print answer sheets, please visit our help guide on Printing Answer Sheets

WEB Answer Sheets

Scanning Web Answer Sheets

After the WEB Answer Sheets have been printed and student responses have been recorded on them, it is now time to scan and get the assessment data into eDoctrina.

To begin the scanning process, navigate to the Teacher Dashboard, and select the "SCAN Web Answer Sheets" button to open the OCR Camera.

The OCR Camera can also be accessed within the Answer entry/verification screen as there is a button in the top-right of the screen.

Open OCR Scanner

After navigating to the eDoctrina scanning tool, please select the appropriate camera for the active browser as eDoctrina may default to the built-in camera if available. This tool is designed to identify any connected devices that are cameras and changing which one is active could be as easy as finding the camera icon in the browser's address bar.

Camera using Firefox Camera using Firefox

NOTE: The scanning tool is not supported using SAFARI.

Once the desired document camera is selected, it is now time to scan the student's completed WEB answer sheets.

Place the completed WEB answer sheet in the viewable area of the active camera so they appear on the screen with their natural orientation (not upside-down) with the QR Code and corner markings clearly visible.

NOTE: Try not to obstruct the area within the corner markings to avoid improper scans.

The scanning tool will make a sound when the WEB answer sheet is scanned. An image of the processed scan will appear on the right side of the screen and the recorded answers will display on the bottom.

Successful Scan
  1. This area is a live display of the viewable area of the camera. Each time the camera discovers a new answer sheet (by analyzing the QR Code), the rest of the screen will reflect what information is on the answer sheet.

  2. Once a WEB answer sheet is successfully scanned, eDoctrina will display some basic information regarding the scan. The Assessment Name, Assessment ID#, Student, Student ID, and Score will display so teachers can quickly verify that the scanned information is correct. If the information is incorrect or the scan has been corrupted in any way, the option to ReScan is available so teachers can correct any mistakes.

  3. The successfully scanned image will display in this area. This image will display how eDoctrina creates a grid utilizing the corner markings to logically determine what responses have been recorded for each question. If the creating grid looks to be obstructed for any reason, it is best practice to rescan the image so the grid gets placed appropriately over the image.

  4. The scanned responses for each answer sheet will display in the "Student Answers" portion of the screen. It is possible to manually select a student response for each question (if needed) by accessing the pull-down for the desired question.
    • The Hide Student Answers button allows the teacher to scan web answer sheets without displaying the results. This is often used if this screen is projected somewhere in the classroom.

    • The Show Correct Answers button allows the teacher to display the correct answers for each question on the screen while scanning.
      Show Correct Answer

  5. If the active document camera is having trouble scanning web answer sheets, visiting the Setting and adjusting the attributes, such as brightness, can often help to increase scanning efficiency.
    Camera Settings

  6. A Legend that describes the possible colors that are displayed is avaiable for quick reference.

Scanning Tips & Tricks

  1. Try moving the answer sheet. In some cases it recogonizes better when the sheet is aligned towards the upper left corner of the viewing window. Different locations work better depending on camera and lighting conditions.
  2. Adjust the lighting from your camera or in your room or modify the brightness and/or contrast settings (described above). Shadows can cause problems with scanning.
  3. Try selecting ReScan button as this will force the camera to look for a new QR Code.
  4. Ensure the answer sheet is showing upright. Upside-down sheets will not scan.
  5. Ensure no other programs are using the camera. Close all other browsers and programs that might be using it.
  6. Ensure your camera is plugged into your computer.
  7. Restart the browser and log back into eDoctrina AFTER connecting the camera.
  8. Test your camera on http://webqr.com/ by clicking on the webcam option. If the camera is not recognized here, the schools technical support should be contacted. If an image displays here, but not in eDoctrina, please email help@edoctrina.org with screen shots and information about your camera.