03.H.6. Passages 201: Adding a Passage to a District Question Bank (without creating an assessment)

If the goal is to simply create passages for later use, it is possible to add a passage to a district test bank without creating an assessment first. To do so, navigate directly to the Passage Editor located in the Assessment pull-down in the navigation bar.

Navigate to Passage Editor

This will navigate to the eDoctrina Passages Homepage. This page allows the user to view all passages that exist under the selected conditions of the available filters. It is also possible to edit any passage that has been created by the signed in user as well as view passages that have been created by other district users.

Passages Homepage
NOTE: If the Passage is available in the list on the Passage Homepage, it is available to be used in the Question Bank.

The Insert+ button will navigate the user directly to the passage editor and the process for adding/linking questions is the same as described above.

IMPORTANT: To properly save a Passage, it is required to add questions. If no questions are added, the passage will not save and it will not be able to be recovered.

Adding a Passage to an Assessment from the Question Bank

If an assessment exists and an existing passage needs to be added, select the Questions Bank button from within the Assessment Editor.

Question bank button location

This will navigate the user to the eDoctrina Question Bank. This is where all questions located in the selected Question Bank will be located. This tool is designed to search for questions, but it is possible to locate a question linked to a passage by searching by the Passage #, any keywords in the Passage itself, or by any entered Tags. Be sure to choose the Advanced search option as there are a few tools here that will make finding the questions linked to the passage easier.

For more information on how to add a question to an assessment through this tool, please visit our help guide regarding the eDoctrina Question Bank.

eDoctrina Question Bank

If the questions linked to a desired Passage still cannot be found, select the Show More Filters option. This will display the passage "type" pull-down and the "Lexile" range to help find the questions linked to the desired passage.

More Filters
NOTE: The passage "Type" and "Lexile" are not required fields when creating a passage. If searching by these fields returns no questions/results, the passage has not been created with this information.

Once the desired questions have been located, simply click-and-drag one of the questions over to the black area in the left window pane on the Question Bank or double-click the question. This will add the selected question to the assessment. It will also produce a pop-up window that will ask if all questions should be added to the assessment. Click the Proceed button to add ALL questions linked to the passage or click the Cancel button to ONLY add the selected question.

Question Bank pop-up

Select the Return to Test button to navigate back to the Assessment Editor.

Adding a Passage (when questions already exist)

If questions already exist and a passage needs to be added to one or many of the questions, eDoctrina makes it simple to link the existing questions to a passage that needs to be created.

Simply select the checkbox for each of the questions that should be linked to the passage, then click the Add Passage button to navigate to the Passage Editor.

Linking Existing Question to a Passage

In the Passage Editor, all selected question will appear in the Linked Questions section. All that is needed from here is to enter some general information and the contents of the passage.

Passage Editor

Adding Questions to an Existing Passage (District Admin Only)

If you wish to add additional questions to an existing passage then it must be done within an assessment that has questions linked to the desired passage in addition to the desired unlinked questions.

This process can be carried out in the Assessment Editor by:

Passage Editor

  1. Select a question or questions that are linked to the desired passage.
  2. Select the question(s) you wish to add to the desired passage.
  3. Select "Add passage".

After selecting "Add passage" the following popup will appear:

Passage Editor
Select "Link to Passage" for the additonal question(s) you wish to add, and click "Proceed". The additional questions will now be linked to the existing passage.


1. Once the Passage has already been created, the only way to add additional questions is from within the Passage Editor, or by linking them in an assessment with the desired questions as a District Administrator.

2. Questions can ONLY be linked to one passage.

3. Passages will not be saved if no questions have been linked to them.