03.D.7 How to create Math CBT Assessments in eDoctrina

There are a variety of features in the eDoctrina Assessment Editor that support building online assessments to mirror New York and other state's Computer Based Testing (CBT).

Grade Specific Equation Editors

The newest and most relevant features are the grade-specific equation editors which can be attached to any question through the Online Tools button.

Online Tools

Equation editors for grades 3-4, 5-6, and 7-8 as well as other online assessment tools are available.

Grade Level Editors

Here is an example of the Gr. 5-6 Equation Editor from the student view:

Gr. 5-6 Equation Editor

The drawing feature within the grade-specific equation editor includes the option for students to attached "drawings" to their work:

Drawing Tool

This drawing feature has been designed to allow students to add up to 5 separate drawings. After the 5th drawing has been added the drawing option will be greyed out so it cannot be selected.

Drawing Tool

Online Tools

There is also a sketchpad located in this drop down that users can insert an image into. Students taking an online assessment will be able to draw on the image.

Sketchpad images (and other short student responses) will be saved and accessible to grade on the Teacher Completed test(s) (ENTER button on the Teacher Dashboard) and Answer entry/verification screens (CHECK button on the Teacher Dashboard) in the following locations:

ENTER - Teacher completed test(s)

Teacher Completed

CHECK - Answer entry/verification

Answer entry/verification

Student Response

Special Question Types

Some CBT questions require multiple text boxes. For example, a question might prompt for a numerical answer combined with a field to show student work. This can be set up using the question type Teacher Scored or Fill in the Blank:

Teacher Completed/FITB

Selecting Fill in the Blank will allow the system to autograde numeric and one or two word responses. Student explanations should still be graded by a teacher. The user can select Answer Tools from the WYSIWYG editor in the following location:

Input Tool

Place the cursor at the desired location to insert the input box and select from the drop down menu. For this NYS CBT style question the user can select the Equation Editor box type under "Show your work" and a Text Input box between "Answer" and "CDs:"

Input Tool

NOTE: That in the example above the correct response field can be left blank in order to manually grade student work. The numerical response will be scored by eDoctrina according to the correct responses listed. This option works well with the Scoring type "Multiple correct answers, partial scoring", so that the autograde feature is engaged.

A Teacher Scored question type if the intention is to manually grade student responses for similar question formats. See below for an example of this style of question:

Teacher Scored Questions

Either of these options will result in a question that looks like the following for a student taking an online assessment:
Teacher Scored Questions

The following text box short cuts will need to be entered manually into the question text field for multiple choice question types:
  • [[choices]] - to be used with multiple choice questions only, places answer choices in a drop down menu
  • Choices

  • [[choices_radio]] - to be used with multiple choice questions only, places answer chouices in a horizontal row with radio buttons instead of letter/number
  • Radio Choices

  • [[multiple_choices]] - to be used with multiple choices questions with a mutliple correct answers scoring type only, places answer choices in a veritcal column with checkboxes
  • Multiple Choices

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