03.E.3. Creating a Two-Dimensional Proficiency Table

Occasionally the need arises to use a proficiency table that has both a horizontal and vertical axis. This can be achieved by adding a 2D proficiency table to your assessment.

Doing so is easy! You may add the 2D proficiency table from the "Proficiency Table" section in the Assessment Editor in the dropdown menu labeled "Proficiency table type":

Once you have selected this option from the dropdown menu you will see a table labeled "Main Table" appear. Now you may select a Proficiency Table Axis for your questions. By default all questions appear on the Vertical Axis. At least one question must be applied to the Horizontal Axis to get the most out of this feature.

Navigate to the "Question View" if you are not already in this view:

Find the question(s) you wish to apply to the Horizontal Axis and select "Horizontal" under "Proficiency Table axis":

After you have designated the horizontal axis questions click on the "Edit Pencil" to enter the proficiency table and begin creating it:

Editing the Proficiency Table will open the following window:

After you have made your selection the following popup will appear:

  1. The Set Grade and Formatting option allows you to designate a level to assign to the selected area as well as a report color and font style.

  2. The Clear Grade and Formatting will set the selected area back to the blank default of the grade table.

  3. The Proceed button will save the designated settings and bring you back to the main grade table view. The Cancel button discards these changes and brings you back to the main grade table view.

After a few minutes of designating cells you will have your very own 2D grade table!