06.A.1. How to Use the Individual Student Report

The Individual Student Report is designed to help teachers view & print assessment results for individual students. The standard format is configured to display the standards linked to each question, the student’s responses, the correct responses, and the student’s overall score. eDoctrina offers many options for this report. This help guide will give a brief overview of how to use each one of these options.

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To print this report, navigate to the "Teacher Dashboard" by finding it under the "Quick Links" in the navigation bar or simply select "Reports" from the eDoctrina homepage.

Once on the "Teacher Dashboard", utilize the filters to choose the student or group of students and the assessment to generate an Individual Student Report for. Click the “Individual Student” button once the desired selections have been made.

A pop-up window generates prompting users to select which version of the report they wish to view/print. Select the desired report options, then click the OK button to generate the report.


NOTE: The Sort Method option will only be available for reports that include standards, otherwise the default is to sort by question.

All reports, regardless of the options selected, will have a similar header that will include the report details, such as the student name, assessment name, assessment ID#, subject, grade level, assessment type, and date.

Report Header

It is important to know that when any report is generated using eDoctrina, a unique URL is generated for that report. This URL can be shared with any eDoctrina user if the user has login credentials. If they are logged in to eDoctrina, entering the URL in their web browser will navigate them directly to the report. If they are not signed in, entering the URL in their web browser will navigate them to the eDoctrina login page. The report will display immediately after they enter their login credentials successfully.

The opportunity to generate a PDF for each student exists in the top right corner of the report for each respective student by selecting the Export student to PDF button in the top-right of the student's report.

If desired, a PDF can be generated for the entire report by selecting the Export to PDF button that is ONLY available at the top-right of the browsing window.

The generated PDFs will also have a unique URL tied to them, which can also be shared with any eDoctrina user, if a PDF is the desired format.

Report Details

All formats of the Individual Student Report contain the same basic qualities: the student's Score (points earned out of total points), the earned Percent Score, and the Grade (if and only if a Grade Conversion Table is linked to the assessment).

The other contents that are displayed on the report are dependent on the Individual Student Report Options that are selected prior to generating the report.

  • Show Excluded Questions: Excluding a question will omit the question from the individual student report unless this option is selected. This is a display only option as the student's score will still be calculated considering the exclusions.
  • Show Question Text: Select this option to display the text of each question in the assessment in place of standards.
  • Show Student Response:: This option is applicable to online assessment (Fill-in-the-Blank and Teacher-Scored) questions. Selecting this option will display the student's entered response below each question that allows it.
  • Show Answer Rationale: Answer Rationale can be entered to provide automatic feedback to students if they select a specific response for a multiple-choice question. Rationale is entered within the Question Editor for each question. If the time has been spent to enter this feedback, it is a good idea to use the option when generating the report.
  • Show Teacher Comment: There are many places where teacher comments can be entered as feedback for specific questions. Selecting this option will display the entered comments below each question that they are entered for.
  • Show Proficiency Level Only: Select this option to hide the Score (earned points out of total points) and the student's earned percent. A grade conversion table must be linked to the assessment if this option is enabled.
  • Show Revision History:
  • Show Answer Sheets: This option is intended for assessments with "Results visible online" selected. When customizing the Individual Student Report for students to view this option allows students to review their answer sheets and cover pages.
  • Show Error Codes: Error Codes that have been entered for student responses can be included on the Individual Student Report on select formats. The applied error codes will display in column 2 of the report when the option is enabled.
  • Hide Student Answer: Select this option to hide the student's response to the assessment questions.
  • Check to Hide Questions and Standards: This option will eliminate the question by question breakdown of the individual student's performance and only display the Score, Percent, and Grade.
  • Hide Correct Answers: This option will eliminate the correct answers for all questions from the report. This is a great tool to provide student's feedback without giving them the answers to the assessment.
  • Calculate rubric % based on passing % of:
  • Show Report Average: Select this option to display the averages of correct responses or points earned for each question in the selected data set.

Available Formats

There are currently nine different formats, two different sort methods, and thirteen preferences that can be selected. These options provide users with extreme flexibility to chose how the generated Individual Student Report looks. To describe each of the formats, a sample assessment with 5 multiple choice questions and 2 teacher scored questions will be used.

  • Standards
    Standard ISR
  • Standard with Statistics
    Standard Stats ISR
  • Rubric Text
  • Question Text
  • Condensed
    Condensed ISR
  • Learning (AFL) This version provides information on the specific standards each question relates to and includes areas for students to reflect and self-identify those skills they understand and those they struggled with. This report (purposely) does not list the student’s assessment score to prevent those that may have done poorly from “shutting down.”

  • Multi-Part Score Summary provides information on how students did on each section of an assessment. This version of report will work only if there are standards that are marked as "Test Sections" linked to each question.
    Multi-Part Summary
  • Student Response Only:
    Student Response Only
  • Student Rubric

Multi Assessment Formats

  • Summary by Standards: Summary by Standards
  • Summary by Rubric Categories: Summary by Rubric Categories