Teacher Completed Tool

The teacher-completed tool is designed to be used when conferencing or observing students. It is easy to access on both a computer or tablet.

1.Navigate to the "Teacher Dashboard" screen (shown below) by clicking the "Reports" button on the home screen.


2.Once you have both the students and assessment selected, click the ENTER button to open the teacher-completed screen.

As shown below, the students that were selected will be listed in the left column. The size of the assessment questions can be adjusted using the "Zoom in/Zoom out" buttons at the top of the screen.


Next to each student's name there will be a number indicating how many responses have been recorded for the student. This number is NOT how many questions the student answered correctly. You can also select the "All wrong" or "All correct" buttons if applicable.


3.For each question, you must select the appropriate answer or type in the student response. By clicking the dialogue button users can record additional notes about the student's response and link pre-made comments.You are also able to type scores directly in the "Pts" section for Teacher Scored questions.




4.When recording data for students, feel free to go out of order. You can enter data for any student as long as you click on the student's name first. Click on the "Save" button often.

5.After data is saved, all data reports are available IMMEDIATELY for review.

For quick tips, click on the ? button.