04.B.2 Print Answer (Bubble) Sheets

Once an assessment has been created, educators will want to print out the accompanying answer sheets. This process is simple and allows users to print sheets for one student, all students in one class, or all those enrolled in a particular course.

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To begin printing answer sheets, navigate to the Teacher Dashboard by clicking the "Answer Sheets" button on the home screen or find the link to the Teacher Dashboard under Quick Links in the navigation bar.

Please keep in mind that your Home Page may look different then the one shown above

The Teacher Dashboard offers many tools that are useful for teachers. It is important to know that many of these tools require selection of student(s) and assessment(s).

Teacher Dashboard
  1. Once on the dashboard (see below), use the first row of filters to select the students you'll be printing answer sheets for. Please note that "Course" and "Class" are mandatory drop-downs. The "Select Students" option allows you to select individual students but this is **NOT** a mandatory filter. Leave filter as "Select Students" if printing for multiple students.
  2. Manipulating the second row of filters will help to locate the assessment to print answer sheets for. Test Bank and Assessment are the mandatory fields here. When selecting an assessment, use the easy search option to type in the name, the assessment ID, or any tags that have been entered for the desired assessment.
    Find the assessment

  3. When done filtering, click "Print" and the "Print Answer Sheets" pop-up screen will open (see below).
  4. Across the top of this menu are a number of different answer sheets that are pre-loaded within eDoctrina. The list that shows here is district specific, so some sheets will not be viewable by some users. The most commonly used answer sheets inclue: “FASTeST Small Bubbles,” “FASTeST Big Bubbles,” (larger bubbles for younger students), "100 Points" (used when test contains teacher-scored questions worth more than 10 pts.) and "Flex Rubric (customizable rubric-based sheet)." Choose one and click it.
  5. When all selections have been made and answer sheets are ready to be generated, select one to the two `Print Answer Sheets` buttons available on this pop-up window. The option to print that hard copy of the actual test is avaiable from this pop-up window as well (if the questions have been entered into eDoctrina).
  6. By default, the Only suitable sheet types option will be selected. It is important to note that if there is a "Teacher Scored" question that is valued at more than 10 points, the 100 Points answer sheet may the only suitable answer sheet for that specific assessment.
  7. Although the group of students listed in the pop-up window are selected from filtering on the Teacher Dashboard, the ability to search for a specific student is available here. Simply enter the student ID# or part of their first or last name.
  8. By default, all students will be selected/checked so they will have an answer sheet generated for them. If desired, the teacher can modify these selections to only print answer sheets for a specific subset of students.
  9. By clicking on the "More Printing Options" button on the bottom right corner of the screen, a user can print blank answer sheets for students and/or choose to include only specific range of questions.
    NOTE: For quality, users are reminded to use a black and white laser printer to print bubble sheets.