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Info/Edit Metadata Button for Individual Questions

Helpful Hints:

  • Entering metadata is essential for building question banks that are easily searchable to provide more value to assessment creators.
  • Any new questions that are created within an assessment will automatically be linked to the grade that is selected for the assessment.
  • Question Tags can be searched for when using the keyword search in the question bank and are very useful when there is a need to categorize a question beyond the available options. Enter them as comma separated values to enter more than one.
  • Error codes are a great tool to identify the common mistakes that students make on a given question

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are there any questions that have error codes already loaded for them?
A: By nature, error codes may be unique to the teacher and students involved, so eDoctrina does not add them to our free items bank. If entered for questions within your district, these error codes will follow the question if the assessment is copied or if the question is added using the question bank tool.
Q: Im am not sure what grade the question belongs to, what should I select?
A: To allow the question to show up when filtering for grade levels in the question bank tool, it is best to select many grades so the question will show up when someone searches for any of the selected grades. In this case, linking the question to more grades is most appropriate.