4.B.3. How to use Generic Answer Sheets

eDoctrina strives to make the process of collecting assessment data as effortless as possible. Historically, any teacher or administrator would generate answer sheets for a group of students for a specific assessment that has already been created. The Generic Answer Sheets enable teachers and administrators to collect student assessment data using eDoctrina's Web Answer Sheets "on the fly" or before an assessment is created.

Before diving into this feature, it is important to be aware of the constraints that exist when utilizing these Generic Answer Sheets.

  1. It is only possible to create as many questions that fit on one Web answer sheet.
  2. ONLY Multiple Choice question type can be used.
  3. Maximum number of answer choices is 5 (a,b,c,d,e) for the Web 11 format and 4 (a,b,c,d) for the Web 4 format.
  4. Generic Answer Sheets are currently NOT compatible with the eDoctrina mobile application.

Printing Generic Answer Sheets

To print a set of generic answer sheets, navigate to the Teacher Dashboard by finding it in the Quick Links pull-down in the navigation bar or selecting Answer Sheets on the eDoctrina Homepage.

Navigate to Teacher Dashboard

On the Teacher Dashboard, select the group of students to print answer sheets for by selecting their respective Course and Class.

Do NOT select the assessment. The Generic Answer Sheet option will NOT be available if an assessment is selected.

Printing Generic Sheets

Upon selecting Print Answer Sheets, a pop-up message will appear asking the user to confirm the action of printing a set of Generic Answer Sheets.

Print Generic Answer Sheets

Upon selecting the Print Generic Answer Sheets button the "Print Answer Sheets" pop-window will appear offering the "Web 11" and "Web 4" sheet types as the "Only suitable sheet type" because this answer sheet type is not supported using the traditional scanning method.

Print Answer SheetsNOTE: Other sheet types are not currently supported with this feature.

A new tab will open on the browser with the set of printable answer sheets for the selected students. The first answer sheet of the set is designated as the "ANSWER KEY". The creator of the assessment should bubble in the correct answers for the questions that will be administered so eDoctrina knows what to mark as the correct answers when the assessment is created.

ANSWER KEYNOTE: Bubble in consecutive responses starting at #1 to ensure the assessment is created with the correct number of questions.

The following answer sheets will look similar to the ANSWER KEY, but will be assigned to all of the selected students. These sheets can be used and reused to record student responses for the current assessment and any other assessment that has only multiple choice questions and matching formats.

ANSWER KEYNOTE: Bubble in consecutive responses starting at #1 to ensure the assessment is created with the correct number of questions.

Creating an Assessment by Scanning a Generic Answer Sheet

After the creator of the assessment prints a set of generic answer sheets and bubbles in the correct answers for the set of questions to be included on the assessment, the assessment is now ready to be created.

To create an assessment using generic answer sheets, it is necessary to navigate to the eDoctrina Web Scanning tool located on the Teacher Dashboard. Select the SCAN button to access the eDoctrina scanning tool.

Access to Web Camera

Within the desktop version of eDoctrina's web scanning tool, try to center the "ANSWER KEY" in the area that is displayed on the screen.

Web Scanning Tips

After a successful scan has been recognized, a pop-up window will appear asking if a new assessment should be created.


Upon selecting the YES button, another pop-up will appear prompting the user to enter the General Information of the assessment that is to be created.

Enter General Info

Upon selecting the Continue Button button, the creator will be directed back to the Web Scanning tool. THE ASSESSMENT WILL NOT BE CREATED UNTIL THE CORRECT ANSWERS HAVE BEEN VERIFIED. The scanned answers will display on the bottom of the screen and can be modified (if needed) by clicking on the answer.

Scanned assessment

eDoctrina will not allow an assessment to be created if the ANSWER KEY contains responses for non-consecutive questions. If there are any "breaks", clicking the Create Assessment and Answer Key button will produce an error pop-up stating which questions need to have an answer provided.

Error to select answer choices

In this scenario, it is the responsibility of the creator to select the correct answer choice or select the [blank] choice to tell eDoctrina that the scanned answer choice was unintended. Once there are consecutive and confirmed answer choices selected, selecting Create Assessment and Answer Key will produce another pop-up prompting the creator to confirm the number of questions that are to be created for this assessment. Click "Yes" to create the assessment.

Create Assessment

At this point, the assessment is now available in the creator's district test bank and can be modified and/or enhanced later. It is recommended to link learning standards to the assessment questions once the data has been collected. It should also be noted that this begins the scanning session for the created assessment. If the student bubble sheets are ready to be scanned, they can be processed immediately after the ANSWER KEY has been saved.

The assessment ID will display with the assessment name for the current scanning session. The scanning session will be available as long as the creator stays on the current page.

Please visit our help guide on Web Cam Scanning for more information about scanning student answer sheets.

Scanning Session

Scanning Student Responses using Generic Answer Sheet

If student responses have already been recorded on their generic answer sheets, they can be scanned as long as the appropriate assessment is indicated in the current scanning session. If the ANSWER KEY is scanned first and confirmed, the student answer sheets can be scanned immediately after the assessment is created because the scanning session will be current.

Scanning Session

When scanning student bubble sheets, eDoctrina requires that the assessment exist before student response sets can be recorded. If a generic answer sheet for a student has been scanned outside of a specific scanning session, eDoctrina will produce a pop-up window prompting the user to select whether the answer sheet belongs to a "new" or "existing" assessment.

New or Existing

If the assessment is "existing", the user will have to locate the assessment in the following pop-up window that allows the user to search using the provided options. When the assessment is found, select the corresponding radio button and click the Continue button to begin a new scanning session for the selected assessment.

Search for Existing Assessment

If the assessment is "new", the user will be prompted to scan the ANSWER KEY first because it is required that the assessment exist before associated student responses are recorded.

Scan ANSWER KEY first

If the correct assessment is selected for the scanning session, scanning student answer sheets follows the same process when scanning any WEB answer sheet. Notice how the following example shows how eDoctrina does not recognize any bubbles that the student has made beyond the created number of questions.

Scanning Generic Sheets

If an answer sheet is not being recognized by the camera, try selecting the Rescan button to force the camera to look again.

Also, it is important to know that eDoctrina is always striving to make our end user experience better. If there are ever any unexpected or strange errors that are apparent with a specific scan, please let us know by selecting the Send Issue button. This will notify our development team of the error and we will do our best to optimize this