04.C.3. eDoctrina Mobile Scanning Application

It is possible to scan Web Answer Sheets using the eDoctrina Answers Scanner app. All that needs to be done is to download the free eDoctrina Answers Scanner app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Logging In Without Single Sign On

After the app has completed downloading you may tap the eDoctrina Answers Scanner icon and log in using your regular eDoctrina login credentials:

Launch Mobile Scanning App

Note: If the eDoctrina login is not working or unknown, please see help guide 01.D How to Reset Your Password from Login Page

Logging In With Single Sign On

If your district uses a Single Sign On solution such as ADFS then you will need to log in to eDoctrina from your mobile device. Once logged in you will see a button on the Home Page titled "Launch Mobile Scanning App". Tap on this button to open the eDoctrina Scanning App and be automatically logged in:

Launch Mobile Scanning App

Note: This login method will also work if a Single Sign On Method is not employed as well.


After logging in you're ready to scan your web answer sheets. Use the red guide marks to help you align your camera to the answer sheet:

Launch Mobile Scanning App

You'll hear a "beeping" sound to indicate that you have scanned the answer sheet successfully:

Launch Mobile Scanning App

From here you can save the result by touching the "Save Button" or discard the result by touching the "Skip" button.

Logging Out

Once you have finished scanning your answer sheets you may log out by touching the menu button and then selecting "Log out":

Launch Mobile Scanning App

If any assistance is needed after reviewing this guide please feel free to email help@edoctrina.org