03.D.8. Using the Safe Exam Browser

This Help Guide is for the use of the "Can open in Safe Exam Browser ONLY" option found within the "Online Settings" of a previously created assessment:

Can open in Safe Exam Browser ONLY
NOTE: For additional information on other Online Settings please refer to Help Guide 03.D.2. Online Assessment Features.

The Safe Exam Browser option appears ONLY if your District has agreed to enabling this option and the "Lock Student to Test" option is also selected.

When this option is enabled, the student attempting to access the assessment will be prompted to install the Safe Exam Browser and download a file to access the assessment. Once the assessment is accessed the Safe Exam Browser will launch in full-screen mode, and the student will not be able to navigate away from the assessment or utilize any other functions of the workstation they are utilizing until the browser is closed.

If the Safe Exam Browser is not Installed on the Student's Workstation

When a student attempts to access an assessment with the "Open in Safe Exam Browser ONLY" option enabled they will be prompted to download the Safe Exam Browser (this step is optional if the browser is already installed):

Start Test

Click here to download

The link will direct the user to an external website to download the appropriate version of the Safe Exam Browser.
For machines running Windows Version 7, 8.1 or 10 locate the download link for the Microsoft Windows Version:

Safe Exam Browser 2.2 for Windows

For Machines running MacOS Versions 10.13, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8 or 10.7 locate the download link for the MacOS version:
Safe Exam Browser 2.1.2 for macOS

After Installation of the Safe Exam Browser

After the Safe Exam Browser has been installed the user will need to download the Access File for the assessment and open it. This can be acheived by following the steps below:

Download & Open Access File

1.) Click the hyperlink to download the Access File. The user's regular web-browser settings will apply.

2.) It is strongly recommended to write down the 4 digit password as it will not be viewable after opening the Access File.

3.) Locate the Access File and open it.

Taking the Test

The Safe Exam Browser does not allow access to any other application(s) while it is running. As such, screenshots are not provided for this portion of the guide.

The Safe Exam Browser allows the user to complete an assessment as usual, however it is of note to avoid using the refresh button or exit buttons found in the lower right-hand corner of the screen unless the user has completed the assessment.

If any issues are encountered while utilizing the Safe Exam Browser you are strongly encouraged to e-mail the eDoctrina Help Desk Team at help@edoctrina.org.