eDoctrina Chrome extension for online assessments

Enabling the following extension to a devices Chrome Browser will limit students ability to navigate away from an Online Assessment page that is administered on eDoctrina. If a student tries to navigate away from the testing page a Google search window will initially open, but will close immediately once a student attempts to navigate a search or an URL.
NOTE this extension will ONLY work with the use of a Google Chrome Browser

Installation instructions:

There are 2 ways to retrieve the Extension: Obtaining the Extension through the Chrome Web Store:

  • Click on the Google Chrome Settings button and select More Tools > Extensions. This will give you access to Google Extensions.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the "Get More Extensions" link:

  • Type edoctrina into the search box and then click the " + Add to Chrome" button.

  • An eDoctrina should be added logo added to the Chrome bar:

  • Open up Extensions again and make sure to Enable the extension, if it was not Enabled, and to Allow in incognito mode.


Download extensions from the following link https://secure.edoctrina.org/browser_extensions/chrome/edoctrina_locker.zip

  • Unpack it
  • Open Extensions Manager either by putting 'chrome://extensions/' into the address bar

    or by opening it from the menu

  • Click the checkbox for "Developer mode"

  • Click "Load unpacked extension..." and select path to unpacked extension

  • Activate the extension if it was not automatically activated

  • Set checkbox "Allow in incognito"

Please Note: This is a great feature but there are a few limitations: 1. Students will only be locked to this assessment through Google Chrome so if a student is using a different browser this feature will not work. It is recommended to limit students access to other browsers and to only provide them access to Google Chrome. Students WILL BE able to search if using other browsers. 2. If students have their own unique log ins to access the computer (district log in not an eDoctrina log in) Incognito Mode should be added as described above. It is recommended to have the district limit students from using Incognito Mode, which in turn would alleviate the need to have students choose the Incognito option in the Extension.