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Special Instructions for Individual Questions

Helpful Hints:

  • Special Instructions, when entered, will always display above the question in both online and printed assessments
  • It is possible to add images, reference to specific resources, hyperlinks, and a lot more. If directions or instructions are needed to guide students in how to answer a question, this is a great place to add these.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I add a hyperlink to another website?
A: Yes, just access the special instructions pop-up and click the button in the text editor tools that looks like a chain link. You can enter the link to the other website here.
Q: Can I embed or upload a video for special instructions?
A: Yes, we have the ability to upload videos as special instruction, but there is a file size limitation that restricts from uploading extremely long videos. It is suggested to utilize an external link in this case. If the video exists on a website, such as Youtube, that provides an embeddable link, you can easily include this by clicking the "Embed Media" button. Of course, this is only available for online assessments.