04.C.1. Scanning Answer Sheets

Scanning answer sheets using a copy machine or scanner is one of the most popular ways to collect assessment data using eDoctrina answer sheets.

Listed below is some basic information about scanning answer sheets:

  • Scanning is typically done using a photo copy machine or scanner.

  • It is important to follow district specific scanning instructions. There are often special settings to be selected on the copier to ensure best scanning results. Failure to follow these scanning instructions can result in missing or incorrect data.

  • Each answer sheet MUST be completely filled out. Do NOT let students leave blank answers and be sure students clearly erase any mistakes or crossed out responses.

  • Answer sheets can take up to 24 hours to process during high volume scanning times. However, turn around time is generally much quicker!

  • An automated email will be generated once the data has processed. If this email is not received, verify the email address is in eDoctrina and that the assessment has been linked to the proper course. Please DO NOT RESCAN without checking for the results on the Teacher Dashboard.

  • If the data has not processed after 24 hours AND this has been verified through the Teacher Dashboard, please contact the school's technology department to confirm the executed scanning procedures are correct. If there are further scanning issues, they can work with the eDoctrina team to troubleshoot any problems.**

  • *WEB CAM Scanning: Don't forget that it is possible to scan web cam only answer sheets using a document camera or our mobile application for instant data. Please visit our help guide on Web-Camera Answer Sheet Scanning for more information on this option.

  • For more information on answer sheet scanning and ensuring the highest quality of data, please review the images below.