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Print Test

Helpful Hints:

  • Clicking the print button is a great way to check the format of your assessment. You will be able to preview before you send the test to be printed on your printer.
  • You should also print some answer sheets if you are offering a physical assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I change the font of my assessment when I print it?
A: The font size can be modified in the print options before the assessment is printed. The font size will change for all entered text, but does not apply to images or equations entered with the built-in equation editor.
Q: What is the default font size and style?
A: Although the font size and style can be modified, the default font size within the assessment editor is Arial 14pt. There does exist the option to modify this upon printing and many cases the default is set to Arial 9pt when printing an assessment. If you choose "As Designed", the assessment will print with the select font size and style for each individual question.

Lessons Learned Log

  • Printing an assessment and offering an assessment online can behave differently in regards to format. Sometimes a copy of the assessment needs to be made to accommodate for the format differences.